Ride out the rest of the pandemic in style with these limited edition brain-themed face masks. They are made from high quality materials and are handcrafted with love for maximum comfort, durability, and protection. Donated to Brain Week RI for fundraising. Get them quickly before they run out! 

Product Description: Mask includes two layers of high quality cotton plus fusible interfacing that backs the fabric for a third layer of breathable protection. An inside pocket (pictured) holds an additional removable filter if desired (filter not included). Length is adjustable with comfort-fit soft elastics (⅛ in) and silicone toggles. In addition, a flexible metal bridge is encased over the nose to ensure maximum comfort and a custom fit. Overall, the mask is sturdy and well constructed; high quality Gutterman thread sewn into tight seams delivers maximum durability. Users have reported that it can withstand weekly machine washing for at least a year (will update as the pandemic continues!).

Brainy Mask Side View

Side View (see adjustable toggles)

Brainy Mask Inside View

Inside View (see pocket for optional filter insert)

Neurons on Mint Pattern

Mosaic Neurons Pattern

Brain Hexagons Pattern

Size Descriptions: Masks are available in three sizes, which accommodate a wide range of face sizes & shapes comfortably: from children as young as 3, to adults who typically wear XL/XXL t-shirts (they’ve been tested on many friends and family). The design is simple and the elastics are adjustable (silicon toggles) so it really does fit well. You can use the following as a guide:

  • S/XS Child (approx ages 3-10)
  • S/M Older Child (approx 10+) & Adult Small/Medium
  • M/L Adult Medium/Large

S/XS pictured a small 8-year old

S/M Pictured on tween

S/M Pictured on small adult

M/L pictured on adult

About the Creator: Each mask was lovingly crafted by one of Brain Week Rhode Island’s longtime followers, Grace Gillen, a lawyer-turned-seamstress who has made a pro-bono endeavor of constructing high-quality costumes and clothes for friends and family. She is especially sought out by her grandchildren, who are her most loyal and demanding customers. Since the start of the pandemic, she has built over 700 masks and has shipped them FOR FREE to her friends and family across the globe (she is in high demand!). The masks have been endorsed by her niece, an infectious disease specialist, and several other medical professionals in her family who have provided feedback to optimize the design. In keeping with her generous nature, she has donated the masks and all proceeds to BWRI. We could not be more grateful! 

About the Fabrics: Fabrics were purchased on Spoonflower.com, a digital printing company where amateur and professional designers can sell their custom creations. The fabrics we chose were created by medical students (neurons on mint), neuroscientists (brain hexagons),  visual artists (mosaic neurons), and nurses (purple brain hearts; coming soon!). We are grateful to them for their fun, inspiring designs! 

Tax/Shipping: Mask will only be delivered within the United States. No additional fee will be charged for tax or shipping. The mask will be sent through regular USPS and will arrive within 5-7 business days. 

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