Every year in March, we provide FREE neuroscience lessons for students in PK-12. If you work with children in any capacity (schools, afterschool programs, community centers, libraries, organizations, etc), you can request an age-appropriate, interactive neuroscience lesson right in your own classroom/space. Visits are led by our teams of graduate and undergraduate students from different RI universities. If you are interested in hosting a BRAINY Visit, please email us or contact us through social media. Please note that visits typically occur during the weeks surrounding Brain Week (February-March).

Before your visit, you may also be interested in BRAINY Adventures, an online collection of DYI science experiments geared towards teachers and parents. 

Our amazing BRAINY Teams:

If you are a college student, graduate student, or other professional interested in starting a BRAINY chapter at your institution, please reach out to us at We will help you assemble a team, train you to deliver grade-appropriate, interactive neuroscience lessons, and help you find schools to visit. Groups that have worked with us include:

  • Brain Week RI Committee Team
  • Brown University - Neuroscience Graduate Program
  • Brown University - CLPS Graduate Program
  • University of Rhode Island - Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program
  • Roger Williams University - Brain Club
  • Providence College - Brain Club
  • Bryant University - Brain Club