Welcome, new event organizers!

If you are interested in hosting an event for Brain Week, please browse through this page to get an idea for what it would entail. All-in-all, it's like hosting any other event except that you will have us as an "umbrella" to help you make connections with other brain-related people in the state and to help increase the visibility of your event. We're happy to have a quick chat with you first if you'd like to talk about it first. Please email us at BrainWeekRI@gmail.com with any questions, comments, or suggestions!

Timeline for Organizing your New Event:

Brainstorm (June - September)
Let us know you're interested by filling in the "Intent to Organize" formWe recommend that you reach out to us 6-9 months in advance of your event. All events occur in March (during international Brain Awareness Week), so that would be in June-Sept of the preceding year. Beginning in August/September, we will reach out to you. First, we will help you create and/or develop the idea for your event. This may involve a quick phone call and/or meeting with us. Once you have conceptualized what your event will look like, we will connect you to the right people. If you’re a scientist, this might mean finding a community partner to host you or collaborate with you. If you’re a community organization, it means connecting you with scientists who are experts in your area of interest. In some cases, there may be existing events that you can partner up with. In any case, we’ll walk you through the benefits and responsibilities of collaborating with us.